Looking for a job? Any job?

Sorry, keep looking.

Looking to be part of a team in an Incubator of Greatness?

Then read on…

Remember the Wright Brothers, the airplane guys? They got their inspiration, honed their skill, and learned to push through the seemingly impossible while working at a bicycle shop.

We’re having try-outs for the 2018 season, and we’re looking for people with the “Wright” stuff.

West Trails Repair Shop

Are you, or do you know someone who:

  • Is interested in more than a paycheck and values helping people?
  • Would like to contribute to a business that promotes health and fun?
  • Rides bikes often, or just plain likes bikes?

Do you have:

  • A strong mechanical aptitude?
  • A positive attitude?
  • A desire to learn, AND an eagerness to teach others?

Are you:

  • Caring?
  • More interested in a quality working environment than raking in piles of cash?
  • Smitten by bicycles?
  • Detail oriented?
  • Enthusiastic about promoting a healthy lifestyle?

West Trails Bicycles is looking for multi-talented people that can switch hats in a sometimes hectic environment. Good candidates don’t need to be able to “do it all”, but they need to be willing and able to contribute at some level across a range of tasks from repair to customer service, data entry, merchandising, and taking out the trash.

What do we give in exchange if not piles of cash? Well, since we are promoting a fun activity, it won’t do for our work environment to be dreadful. We encourage our team members to ride to work, and to take a spin around the block when a break is needed. We offer significant discounts on bikes and bike stuff. We encourage extra-curricular bike riding experiences.

Unlike a lot of “entry level” jobs, at WTB you will be exposed to many “Think on your feet” situations. You will not be carrying-out repetitive, mind numbing chores, day after day… Things can get quite hectic at times as you juggle tasks in the highly interruptive, demanding, & fun environment that is a bicycle shop.  Your brain will grow rather than shrink working here.

We don’t “sell”, we educate. We don’t “push”, we present. It’s not just a job, it’s a way of life with a paycheck!

After a successful stint working at our shop you might not make a world changing breakthrough and become a household name, but you’ll have what it takes.

Email resumes using our  contact page.

Part-time and full-time seasonal positions available with potential for permanent positions.