Let Us Help You Find Just the Right Bike for Your Needs

If you’re just getting into the biking world, you’ll be amazed—then overwhelmed—by the wide range of bike styles available. Get the correct bike for your needs, and you’ll love riding. Get the wrong style, and you’ll incorrectly assume that bike riding is not for you. Some bike seller’s want you to buy bikes. We want you to ride bikes, and we’d be honored if you bought them from us as well.

If you’re looking for a bike in Cincinnati, let us help you choose the right bike for your needs. We keep plenty of bikes in stock. Come see for yourself.

Non-Traditional Bikes

If you know someone who has physical challenges that make riding a traditional bicycle difficult, West Trails Bicycles may have a bike that can get them back on the road to fitness. Our low step-over bikes from Biria are extremely easy to mount and dismount. And our Day 6 bicycles feature contoured backrests and custom-made saddles, making them easy on the back, neck, and shoulders.

We’ve been fortunate to have customers with back problems, joint replacements, range-of-motion issues, and amputations who we’ve been able to help get back on bikes—sometimes with stock bikes, and sometimes with a little modification back at the machine shop. We don’t guarantee we can get everyone back on a bike, but we’ll give it our best shot.

Hybrid Electric Bikes for Health

For many people, a bicycle offers their last hope of regaining health after years of neglect or life-altering trauma. Some, however, start their quest for health at such a desperate level that even riding a bike a short distance is nearly impossible. Pedal-assist electric bicycles from Currie Tech & Prodeco amplify the pedaling effort you put into them, allowing you to ride faster and farther than you could on your own, so you can enjoy cycling as you slowly build your strength and improve your health.

Hybrid Electric Bikes for Commuting… and Health

If your commute is too long or too hilly to accomplish by bike, or you want to keep the ride time to a minimum, an electric assist bicycle from Currie Tech  or Prodeco might be your ticket to bypass the gas station on your way to work. With the average American yearly cost for gasoline at over $4000,  and the average yearly cost from obesity related disease at over $5000 per per-capita,   After buying and using even a really nice E-bike, it won’t take long to recoup your investment in dollars, while the benefits to your health and the environment will be huge.

Bicycles for Heavy Riders

Not all cyclists are those skinny, little twigs you see wrapped in bright spandex colors—or at least they don’t start out that way. If you’re looking to reduce your size by bicycling, you need to be aware that many stock bicycles may not be sturdy enough as you begin your quest for the new you. And most of the more robust bikes are going to put you in an awkward and uncomfortable position. We have experience modifying comfortable bicycles to be safe and allow you to begin riding towards your future.

Utility Bikes

Need a truck to haul your stuff, but would rather ride a bike? Check out the “bucket bike” from Madsen. This cargo bike provides a comfortable ride with plenty of storage space.

Commuter Bikes

If commuting by bike sounds appealing to you, come talk about your options with the experienced staff at West Trails Bicycles. Most of our staff bikes to work, some every day. In the mean time, take a look at the commuter bikes from Breezer and Norco mens, Lady’s  just their looks may be enough to make you want to ditch your gas guzzler and opt for a simpler means of transportation.

Comfort Bikes

Ride around the neighborhood or hit the paved bike path on a bicycle that doesn’t hurt to ride. The upright position of a comfort bike by Fuji, Norco, Schwinn, Del SolBiria, and Day6 will make riding an enjoyable form of exercise that you’ll be eager to repeat, not merely tolerate.

Road Bikes

The speed and distance that can be achieved out on the open road on a nice road bike are what made the bicycle such a hit from its inception, and have sustained its popularity for over a century. Road bikes from Fuji, and Norco, will get you there faster.

Mountain Bikes

Explore untamed terrain, and enjoy the challenge of riding over it on a mountain bike from Fuji, Breezer, or Norco. You’ll find that Norco features an amazingly deep selection of mountain bikes.


Ideally, we would all have a different bike for each purpose—a road bike for traveling long distances at fast speeds, a mountain bike for off-road challenges, a commuter for getting around town, a fixie for fun, a decked-out touring bike to travel the world, and a comfort bike to spin the bike path with the family. However, life involves compromise, and a hybrid bike from NorcoFuji, or Schwinn provides a good solution when you just can’t justify more than one bike.

Fat Bikes

We’re talking fat as in “wide”, not as in “overweight”. Indeed the “discount” store versions of these bikes are overweight, but our Norco Bigfoot models are not only surprisingly light they are also priced much below many other brands of Fatties. Where do you ride them? Anywhere you want to go. The super-wide tires keep you on top of whatever you are riding over rather than sinking into it.  Snow, sand, gravel? No problem. Farm field, rutted or muddy track? Bring it on! Pot holes, storm sewer grates and curbs? Sorry, I didn’t even notice them. Fat Bikes are stuffed full of fun!!


The “F” in fixie stands for “fun!” This single-speed, fixed-gear bike is pure biking simplicity. Are you bored with riding loops at your favorite bike trail? Try it on a fixie—the refreshing change of pace provides a fun challenge. Fuji, SE, Biria, and Norco have plenty to choose from.

BMX Bikes

Whether Race or Freestyle, BMX bikes from DK, Verde, Norco, and SE will inspire young riders to push the limits of their skills. Dangerous you say? Not compared to the hazards of a life spent in front of a computer monitor.

Kids Bikes

Kids bikes tend to go through a lot of wear-and-tear. While “big box store” bikes have a proud tradition of sitting on the curb on trash night, Schwinn & Fuji’s high-quality kids bikes will last for years to come.


Baby seats, helmets, parts, accessories, and more—whether you’re looking for a unicycle from Sun Bicycles or a bike carrier from Swagman, West Trails Bicycles either has it, is waiting for it to arrive, or can get it.