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Part 2 After our chance encounter with the allure of primitive roadways we started looking at maps and satellite images trying to find gravel roads, creek crossings and dead-end roads that were not completely dead to a bicycle. There are not many of these features left in our area. Roads keep being “improved” and though once common primitive roads are

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A Chance Encounter with Adventure

Part 1 There’s a lot of hype over “Gravel Bikes” these days. I’m not a hype kinda guy. I’m more interested in what I’m interested in than what others tell me I should be interested in… the irony is, that over the last few years I, and others in the West Trails Bicycles family, have grown increasingly interested in riding

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Bike Adventure. Risk & Reward Part 3; After the Fall

When a “healthy” activity puts you in the hospital (A message to those brave adventurers who have fallen in the field of honor, as well as those who someday will)   Fighting the good fight in a quest for health:   I know that right now you are questioning the benefits of bike riding (or exercise of choice) and your

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Risk & Reward Part 2: Rugged Terrain Bicycling aka Mountain Biking (MTB)

I have a bike riding friend, to protect his anonymity we’ll call him “Rob”. Rob is a really good rider and a heck of a nice Guy. He rides road bikes and pushes himself hard. He started racing and moved quickly up the ranks. Whenever I mentioned that he should come out and ride with us off-road, he’d say something

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Bike Adventure. Risk & Reward Part 1; Road Riding.

I ride my bike a lot. I’ve ridden tens of thousands of miles over the course of decades. Not in a single stretch, but cumulatively. Over the years many people have told me that they would never ride on the road because it’s too dangerous. Lots of these same people then bemoan the fact that riding the same paved trail

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