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Running vs Biking

Speaking from ignorance… … and immersive experience, respectively, I have some thoughts and observations on one of the most divisive issues of our times; Running vs Bike Riding. I admit that from an experiential level I know almost nothing about running, other than I have done it (running was one of the most commonly used skill sets for playing in

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Search Party

Part 4 Some of the WTB family went off on a deeper adventure last fall. Starting in Reno Nevada we climbed onto our Norco Search Adventure Bikes and headed west onto unpaved forestry roads. Destination: Adventure… …Actually, the destination was Mendocino California. Adventure, we knew, was going to be lurking around every turn like a villain in a horror movie…

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The Allure of Gravel

Part 3 For me there is no inherent allure to gravel as a road surface. I don’t seek-out gravel roads. I seek-out roads-less-traveled, which are often roads-more-graveled. It’s not the gravel that makes these roads special, it’s the primitive areas these roads usually lead through. Areas little changed over the last many decades, and used mostly by just a handful

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Search for Adventure

Part 2 After our chance encounter with the allure of primitive roadways we started looking at maps and satellite images trying to find gravel roads, creek crossings and dead-end roads that were not completely dead to a bicycle. There are not many of these features left in our area. Roads keep being “improved” and though once common primitive roads are

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A Chance Encounter with Adventure

Part 1 There’s a lot of hype over “Gravel Bikes” these days. I’m not a hype kinda guy. I’m more interested in what I’m interested in than what others tell me I should be interested in… the irony is, that over the last few years I, and others in the West Trails Bicycles family, have grown increasingly interested in riding

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