We’re Serious About Service

West Trails Repair Shop

“Service with a smile.” Surely, you’ve heard that phrase before, but have you ever stopped to consider just why they’re smiling? The dirty little secret of the bicycle business is the “Spring Tune-Up.” This typically includes a one-price-fits-all arrangement, where each bike that rolls through the door means another tune-up for the bike shop, regardless of the bike’s condition. People are willing to pay for “peace of mind,” thinking that their bikes have been thoroughly serviced by an expert. But this peace of mind is often based on a false premise. 

If you’re looking for quality bike repair in Cincinnati, look no further than West Trails Bicycles. When you bring your bike in for service, we place it on a work stand, check it over in your presence, and together we determine the best way to meet your service needs with fewer surprises and less chance of time-wasting phone tag. If it’s obvious that your bike is in great shape while in the check-in stand, how can we charge you $80 (as some shops do!) to give it a tune-up? This process keeps us honest and you informed, and we hope will bring smiles to faces on both sides of the repair counter.

Of course, by comparison shopping, you might find lower prices on bicycle repair, however it’s MUCH more likely that you will find higher prices. But we can assure you that you will not find better service at lower prices—just lower prices. You will also not find better service at higher prices, just higher prices. Quality bicycle repair is NOT a commodity. At West Trails Bicycles, we are serious about service, and we have the skill, conscientiousness, and years and years of experience to back it up. Still, we try to keep our prices affordable. If we get out of line, please let us know.

We’re trying hard every day to continue to be one of the best bicycle repair shops in Cincinnati.

Serious Suspension Service

We don’t just sell bikes with sophisticated suspension components, we actually service them!

Instead of shipping your off-road forks and cylinders to a shop 500 miles away, have them serviced locally. Remember what happened to US jobs when everyone started to buy Chinese stuff from Walmart? If you start sending work to other states what’s going to happen to Ohio?

Live local, buy local… but ride everywhere…

E-Bike Services

Need to have your e-bike serviced? We offer a selection of e-bike services, including e-bike assembly, repair, maintenance, and more. And unlike other bike shops, we service all brands and types of electric bikes—regardless of where you purchased them.

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