E-Bike Services

Unlike other bike shops that refuse to service brands they don’t sell, we take pride in servicing all brands of e-bikes. We’re happy to assemble or repair your electric bike – even if you purchased it from another retailer.

At West Trails Bicycles, we provide a range of services to ensure you get the most out of your electric bike. Continue reading to learn more.

E-Bike Assembly

Having difficulty assembling your recently purchased e-bike? We’re here to help. Our team has experience assembling a wide variety of e-bikes, and we’re always happy to get one more person on the road (or off the road).

Serfas eDash 500W Step-Through E-Bike

Serfas eDash 500W Step-Through E-Bike

Bintelli M1 Electric Fat Bike

Bintelli M1 Electric Fat Bike

Electric Bike Repair

Busted battery? Problems with pedal assist? Not really sure what the issue is? Our knowledgeable staff can help diagnose your electric bike problems and make the necessary repairs. We’ll have you back to full throttle in no time.

E-Bike Maintenance

Good car owners know that regular oil changes and tune-ups help prevent larger mechanical issues down the road (pun intended). The same holds true for e-bikes. Regular electric bike maintenance and tune-ups prevent unnecessary repairs in the future.


Additional Electric Bike Services

In addition to the above service categories, we offer a couple additional e-bike services that are worth noting:

Installation of E-Bike Carriers & Hitch Receivers

E-bikes are heavy. The average electric bike weighs between 50 and 60 pounds, with some electric bikes weighing in excess of 70 pounds. In order to support this type of weight, we recommend installing a hitch-mount bike carrier. In addition to installing the bike carrier, we can also help you install the hitch receiver (the part that the bike carrier attaches to), as well as the auxiliary power if needed.

Adjustment of E-Bike Power Output

Many e-bikes are set up to show off their power. This can make for a scary test ride. In addition, some riders gain a sense of accomplishment from knowing that they are putting in most of the effort and the motor is just helping. To resolve these issues, some e-bike models allow riders to adjust the power output to suit the needs of the rider. If you’re looking to tweak the power settings on your electric bike, we can help.