Why are Bicycles so Expensive?

  Q: “Why are bikes so expensive?”   I’ve heard it a few times over the years from different people, a statement almost exactly like this; “I bought my first bike for $25. These prices now are ridiculous!!”   Judging by the age of the people I heard this statement from they likely made that value defining purchase around 1950.

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Best Bike Brands

What Are the Best Bike Brands?   “What is THE best Bike Brand?” Many potential bike buyers are asking that question. It seems like a fair question that must have a simple answer. But as with most issues simple answers only come to the less informed. In the interest of brevity this article too will be an oversimplification. There are

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Discount Store Bikes

“Discount” Store “Bikes”   In general, low priced Discount Store Quality Bikes (DSQB) are toys, replicas of real bikes, they can be made to function but only at a basic level. They are certainly affordable to purchase but quickly become less affordable to own. There are many proponents of them that say the quality is “good enough” and those who

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West Trails Bicycles has an announcement to make. We were hoping to wait til we were ready, but it’s become clear that we may never be ready. Readiness is a luxury for those with short “To-Do” lists. Much like parenthood, where readiness is not a factor in determining the delivery date, we have set upon a course that will thrust us

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Traffic – Part 4 of 4: Commutercise

Traffic - Part 4 of 4: Commutercise

The previous day’s commute practice was so fun that I just had to give it another go. “Commutercise” I call it. Following real commuters on their journey gives me some more experience, lets me participate in the festive feel of a group ride, and I get a good workout. This time I rode with a bit more confidence, and though

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