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Traffic – Part 1 of 4: Getting Around

Traffic - Part 1 of 4: Getting Around

I attended ExpoCycle, Canada’s annual bicycle dealers trade show in Toronto, a couple of weeks ago. Afterward I had a few days to explore the town on my bike. First, (or actually by now, second) let me tell you Toronto is big. Compared to Miamitown… well even Cincinnati, for instance, Toronto is way bigger. In Toronto EVERYBODY rides a bike,

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Well, what d’you know?

Well, what d'you know?

No really, what do YOU know? A customer came in to the shop today. He’s one of many over the years to tell me something stunningly inaccurate, laughably so—only the laugh must be withheld in the interest of compassion, since the would-be comedian is not attempting humor with the statement. “This is a pretty nice bike.” he said, nodding toward a

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